Here is how much I earned last week(4/18 - 4/22)

This result tells that a profit is not proportional to the number of tradings.

4/18: + 9,580 Yen

4/19: + 5,850 Yen

4/20: - 740 Yen

4/21: - 2,500 Yen

4/22: + 5,840 Yen

The result of last week, plus 18,030 yen($220.25)

Last week, I finished my trade with plus 18,030 Yen, which is about $220.50.
18th: + 9,580 Yen
19th: + 5,850 Yen
20th: - 740 Yen
21st: - 2,500 Yen
22nd: + 5,840 Yen
Total: + 18,030 Yen ($220.50)
Day Avarage: + 3,606 Yen ($44.05)

It wasn't bad, however, I could earn more if I just left from chart and technical.


The worst enemies during trading is emotion.

I believe that the worst enemies during trading is emotion.
Trader have to settle down always. That's why we need to set appropriate stop order every time.
Also we have to avoid information. Now we can get a lot of information from web, but don't trust them.
Just believe charts. Pros are looking at same charts and trying to follow charts.


Trade Rules

I decided to obey the trading rules which I made.

1. Start from market order.
2. Execution order using OCO(One side done, then Cancel Ohter).
3. OCO should be 10 pips plus, stop order should 50 pips minus.
4. Do not see chart after order, just wait until execution.

And my target is to get 200, 000 yen(about $2,400), which is 10,000 yen($120) per day.